Scruffy finds first signs of Spring!

Scruffy dog was so excited to find these daffodils on his walk near Newport, Wales yesterday!!! Daffodils are the official Flower of Wales and by the end of the month the fields, road verges and every spare piece of ground should be covered in them!

Brecon Beacons, UK

On route to my mum’s today, I had the privilege of driving across the Brecon Beacons, a range of mountains stretching from the centre to the south of Wales. After a few days of heavy rain showers, the streams and waterfalls look magnificent, zig-zagging  down the sides of the mountains.  The road has been cut…

Red kites of Wales, UK

I absolutely love these beautiful birds of prey and have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of photos over the years. When I lived in Somerset, England, there were only 3 pairs of Red Kites nesting in the UK, and they were protected 24/7 by the army. Now they are regular visitors and are spreading across…

Beautiful Buzzards

Here in Wales we have an abundance of Buzzards and it’s great when you turn a corner and there’s one sat on a post right in front of you!