Beautiful Buzzards

Here in Wales we have an abundance of Buzzards and it’s great when you turn a corner and there’s one sat on a post right in front of you!

Starling Video

I have a passion for starlings and have watched the murmurations at Somerset many times. This video of the starlings was taken at Carmarthen University and mixed with sea scenes to emphasise the parallels between shapes and movement in nature. Comments are welcome!

Autumn Berries

I’ve never seen one of these before, but apparently it’s a Himalayan Honeysuckle and is regarded as a weed in places like Australia and NZ! The bees love the flowers and the birds love the berries, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s a winner! It looks beautiful too. In the last photo, blackberries mingle…

Meet Scruffy!

Found wandering in a field, skinny, shaggy fur matted with undergrowth and covered in cigarette burns, Scruffy was in a bit of a sorry state just over a year ago! He was taken in by the local dog’s home, tidied up a bit, assessed and put up for rehoming. He was taken on by Mel,…

Bee Frenzy!

I didn’t realise until after I had posted them, that all the pics today are purple and yellow!

Latest Painting!

I actually managed to do this in 24 hours! My paintings normally take days, because I’m never happy and keep wanting to make changes, but I am happy with this.

Izzy Da Vinci

Izzy decided she was going to try a spot of painting yesterday… I was in the middle of a masterpiece, when Izzy decided to jump up, straight into the paint I had just mixed. Obviously she didn’t like the feel of it, so jumped straight onto the chair (the one with the nice tapestry cover…

Local Art Exhibition

My mum lives in a beautiful part of the South Wales valleys. It’s a small town and still has a good community spirit, as do the majority of communities in the valleys. They organise various arts and crafts events, including an annual art exhibition. I think its great that they put the effort in every…


I can deal with most insects, but wasps invade your space and hornets are big and scary! This hornet found its way into our conservatory yesterday and attempts to get it out came to nothing, so we had no option but to shut it in overnight, and by morning it was close to death. At…