I love to observe life and to try to capture, and share, some of it’s beauty. I believe that by slowing down, watching and understanding what is going on around us, we can begin to appreciate what is really important in life. Every action we make causes a ripple… let’s make that a positive ripple, in response to all the negativity that surrounds us every day.

  • Hedgehog Rescue

    29th Nov 2020 by

    Incredibly, in July of this year, the hedgehog was added to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List for British Mammals, meaning they are vulnerable to extinction. The main reason for the decrease in numbers are the hazards they face on roads and in gardens. Netting, slug pellets and other pesticides… Read more

  • It’s November, but do the plants know that?!

    10th Nov 2020 by

    I’m sat here on the dining room table working, because my workroom is a MESS, but it gives me a chance to watch the birds in the garden… the starlings and magpie are enjoying the bird bath, and I’ve been out to take some photos of the flowers to (hopefully) add a bit of colour… Read more

  • Back Online!

    19th Oct 2020 by

    I have been trying to get back into this blog for ages; forgot which email I had used; whichever I used it wouldn’t let me in… you know the scenario, we’ve all been there!!! Anyway today I tried again and it let me straight in! I’m a big believer in omens, and obviously today is… Read more

  • Spring arrives, despite Storm Ciara

    10th Feb 2020 by

    Storm Ciara thundered across the UK yesterday, causing havoc in large parts of the British Isles and Ireland, but nature carries on regardless, and Spring is definitely on the way. My mum’s garden is a blaze of colour already!

  • Scruffy finds first signs of Spring!

    2nd Feb 2020 by

    Scruffy dog was so excited to find these daffodils on his walk near Newport, Wales yesterday!!! Daffodils are the official Flower of Wales and by the end of the month the fields, road verges and every spare piece of ground should be covered in them!

  • Work in Progress

    16th Nov 2019 by

    Loving creating these masks, have more feathers and sparkly things arriving today with a bit of luck!

  • Laser Lightshow: Chase&Status ft. Emeli Sande

    14th Oct 2019 by

    I did this video some time ago but thought it was worth sharing on here, I absolutely love this song:  ‘Love Me More’ by Chase & Staqtus, ft. Emeli Sande.  The laser itself was designed by a friend of mine and is unique in the way it bends the led light.  He also provided the… Read more

  • Arum Lily

    9th Oct 2019 by

    I have always loved these lillies, and now I have one in my bathroom!!!! Good Omen! 🙂

  • Scruffy on holiday!

    2nd Oct 2019 by

    Day 1: Scruffy slips past hubbie as he opens the back door briefly and makes a dash for it, up the lane. I go out to see where hubbie has got to and am greeted with the sight of him walking back down the hill, in the rain, in his dressing gown and slippers! Meanwhile… Read more

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