Scruffy on holiday!

Day 1: Scruffy slips past hubbie as he opens the back door briefly and makes a dash for it, up the lane. I go out to see where hubbie has got to and am greeted with the sight of him walking back down the hill, in the rain, in his dressing gown and slippers! Meanwhile he has left the back door open in his haste to grab Scruffy, and now Izzy has disappeared. She reappeared in the garden half an hour later, after I had half the village looking for her!

Day 2: Took Scruffy and Izzy to the beach in the pouring rain… Scruffy sees a basket full of beach balls outside a shop and tries to launch himself at it… was almost out of his harness, so Wonder Woman here, has to grab said dog, who is completely fixated on the balls, wet, squirming and heavy, and carry him out of sight of them… spent rest of day exhausted!

Day 3: Let Scruffy have the run of the garden on a super long lead. Look out half an hour later and he is at the top of the bank, stuck because he’s gone around a bush and the lead has got caught. It’s raining again by now and the ground is slippery, so it’s not easy to reach him to unclip his lead, three of us are out there in the pouring rain trying to rescue a terrified Scruffy!

Day 4: Some nice weather at last, take the dogs to the beach, Scruffy has to stay on extendable lead because if he spots a ball he will ignore everyone and go for the ball. Sure enough, a young lad is playing with a ball, Scruffy runs full pelt towards him , yanking hubbie’s arm so hard that he let go of the lead… Scruffy streaks towards the boy and ball, trailing lead behind… must have been quite scary for the boy, he was only about 6 years old… grabs the ball, pops it immediately and commences to rag it to death. Hubbie (after picking himself up) runs over to apologise and offer to replace. Turns out it was the boy’s birthday and had the ball was a present… embarrassing or what?! Hubbie paid well over the odds in compensation for the whole situation… Scruffy in the dog house again!

What will he get up to next?!

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