Meet Izzy

We think Izzy had been used for breeding.  When she came to us she was still lactating, but were told she was going to be put down the next day, as she was too old to have more puppies. 😦

For almost a year she had no idea how to play, she cowered if she saw someone holding anything like a stick, and jumped at the slightest noise.   It also took a long time to house train her; I think the main problem was that she found it difficult to control her bladder, due to having several litters, and she was also afraid to go outside on her own.

Gradually she became more confident, and one year on, she goes out into the garden on her own, just to mooch around, and has even started playing a bit!  We have taught her ‘high 5’ and she loves having her tummy rubbed.  The most important thing is that she now has her own personality and is not afraid to express herself.  She’s not yappy like a lot of small dogs, but she lets us know when someone is at the door, even before they have a chance to ring the bell!

We love Izzy, and so does Scruffy!

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