A sad, yet positive day

Today an old friend posted a FB video to his friends, so say that his cancer has spread and there is nothing more they can do. I haven’t seen this friend for years, he was part of our ‘gang’ when I was younger, but I have great memories of that time and of him. He has always been full of fun, with a big heart, and it must have taken a huge amount of courage to post that video.

Far from being bitter or feeling sorry for himself, he will be spending whatever time he has left enjoying every moment with his wife and young children. He wanted to get across that we never know when our time is up and we should live every day appreciating the things around us and the people (and animals!) we love. He likened it to a guy who takes a train from France to India, who doesn’t get off at any of the stops and never looks out of the window to see the amazing scenery and buildings. He gets to his destination, but doesn’t engage in the journey and by doing so, misses so much.

We are so often concerned about getting to a particular destination that we forget to live in the moment, savouring the sights, sounds, smells and textures all around us. When I started this blog, it was with the intention of sharing some of the wonderful things I see on a daily basis, which perhaps other people are too busy to see. Sometimes a very small stone can cause a very big ripple, so I hope these make you smile; separate ‘smile’ page coming up soon! 🙂

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